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AMAZIIIING!! It is great, I got an amazing understanding of what I did wrong and now i am aware of all concepts... . 24hourstutor.com has made calculus easy for me... .i can answer all the other questons without help. That's simply unbelievable...THANKS ALOT!

Teachers were very helpful. They went through sentence by sentence and explained what was wrong and helped lead me to improving each sentence without telling me the answer. I am extremely good at it now... They were also very encouraging. I am not scared of English now.

For me 24hourstutor.com is really cool because i tried other tutor programs with like automated tutors and you couldn't really cross-question them on any topic. But this is good and i think my grades will go up from what they are now. Another thing that is cool about 24hourstutor.com is that you guys covered everything.

My tutor did an excellent job. Whenever i was stuck i got help and once i got it and did it on my own! I am very pleased and i hope to work with the same tutor again..

Andrew helped me in calculus. It was a big no for me when it came to integration but he let it off that fear in no time. He showed me my small mistake and told me tricks to solve questions; I am very comfortable in calculus now. Thanks

I was having trouble getting my ideas down she really knew what were good areas of personality for my character sketch, now I feel like I can pen down a whole novel.
"What I like about 24hourstutor is...it removes the discomfort of face-to-face tutoring where it takes weeks to feel comfortable with the tutor," says Victor Morrison, an 11th-grader. Mandy recently sought help with her Algebra II homework. "The tutor I am having is very helpful because he presented different topics in many ways and then we worked on which way was best for me."

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I was wondering what a dipole is and what the difference is between the dipole and a permanent dipole bond?     
Why are P3- ions bigger than Al3+ ions?     
How can I tell the position of the carbonyl group in ketones? The examples given are only for molecules whose ketone position remains the same what happens if it is longer?     
How do you give the systematic name of a molecule with benzene in it?     
I do not understand the concept of how Pressure and Concentration affect the position of the equilibrium (whether it lies to the right/left).     
What is the "ion-electron" equation when a solution of copper(2)bromide is electrolysed?     
How do I work out "find how many moles of the gas are present?"     
What current would be needed to deposit 540g of Al metal in 9650secs?     
A solution is made by pipetting 0.01 L of 0.1 M NaOH solution into a 0.1 L standard flask and making up to the mark with distilled water. Identify the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution.     
It is said that elements furthest left to the Periodic table go first, but why is molecular formula of the alkanes, etc the other way about ie. CH4. If following the rule it should really be H4C. Why is it not like this?     
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